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Racing & Regattas

Racing at Falmouth Yacht Club is a strong part of our identity! Our Club racing happens every Saturday throughout the summer. The annual Falmouth Regatta is happens the third week of July.

Falmouth Regatta - July 22, 2023
Race to Hyannis
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Race to Hyannis

This annual race, which kicks off the Figawi weekend, is a beloved tradition for young and old.

Sunset Sailboats

Falmouth Regatta

In its 14th year, this Falmouth Yacht Club 420 event expanded last year to include the popular Open Skiff for one. Building upon that successful addition, Open Skiffs are invited back again to participate.

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The Sonar is a 7m (23 ft) one-design keelboat for three to five people. It is Bermuda-rigged, with a large mainsail and a 100% jib. The class is recognized by the International Sailing Federation.

The Sonar was designed in 1979 by Bruce Kirby, designer of the popular Laser dinghy. Since then, over 800 boats have been built. Most of the fleet is in the USA, with smaller fleets in Britain and Canada. Since its adoption as a Paralympic class the Sonar has spread to many other countries as well.

Club 420

The Club 420 is a two person dinghy which forms the base of many local, high school and collegiate programs in North America. Simple for beginning sailors and yet challenging enough for collegiate champions. The Club 420 offers more learning opportunities than any other double-handed boat. Over 5,000 Club 420s are sailed in youth, high school and collegiate programs all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The Falmouth Yacht Club host a fleet of over 15 Club 420's that are sailed almost every day during the summer.  Our program has some of the best coaching on the Cape and travels throughout New England to many regatta's.  In addition Falmouth Yacht Club hosts one of the best annual regattas every year right off the beach.


Optimist  Class

The largest one design fleet in the world.  Originally designed in Clearwater, Florida, the Opti was designed to rival the soap box derby crowd.  The Optimist has grown to be the breeding grounds for champion sailors.

Falmouth Yacht Club with it's amazing conditions is using this platform to grow the champions of tomorrow and sailors who just plain love to sail.

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