Sonar Fleet on the Starting Line

Parking on the FYC property is for FYC Club Members only. In addition, the Club Manager, Chef, and the designated employee closing the club may park on the property. Non-member guests must not park on Club property.

All Club Members cars must exhibit FYC parking permits. There are two different color parking permits - white and blue. On days designated as "white only" all cars must display the white parking permit.

Cars failing to exhibit FYC parking permits (or displaying the incorrect colored parking permit) will either be towed at the owner's expense or charged a $25.00 fee to their club house account.

Cars should be parked in accordance with the parking plan and any and all posted signage. Parking locations are designated on the posted parking plan. Cars not complying will be charged a $25.00 fee to their club house account.

No overnight parking is allowed unless arranged with the Club Manager in advance.

Non-member trailers may not be left on the premises at any time.

Member trailers may only be left in designated areas with prior approval.

Parking Passes will be mailed to members.