FYC WaterfrontDocking

Dock space is provided for Active, Intermediate, Legacy, and Honorary members and guests and is limited to a maximum of 45 minutes for power and sailing vessels.

Extended stays and overnights must be registered with the Dock Master or Club Manager. 

Visiting Yachtsmen may use the dock Monday through Thursday at the discretion of the Dock Master or the Club Manager. All dock fees are payable at the time of registration or immediately upon docking. 

Children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult and must wear life jackets at all times in the dock area and on the floats.

2017 Docking Fees

Members are allowed 1 overnight stay per year at no charge.

Members $80.00 per night
Visiting Yachtsmen $2.00 per foot ($80 minimum)
Non-Reciprocal $3.00 per foot ($90 minimum)


Launch Hours

Launch service is provided for Active, Intermediate, Legacy and Honorary members and guests.

Please hail the Launch Driver on VHF Channel 72.

Monday 0800 - Sunset
Tuesday No Service
Wednesday 0800 - Sunset
Thursday 0800 - Sunset
Friday 0800 - Sunset
Saturday 0800 - Sunset
Sunday 0800 - Sunset

FYC Visitor and Reciprocity Information