FYC BeachBeach

The beach is for the use of Active, Intermediate, Legacy, and Honorary Members only. Reasonable behavior in consideration of the rights and priveleges of others is expected at all times.

The lifeguard will be on duty from 0930 to 1700 hours. Members using the beach after hours do so at their own risk.

Food and non-alcoholic drinks are permitted on the beach. All trash is to be deposited in the receptacles provided. All members share in the cleanliness and maintenance of the beach and its facilities.

Pets are not allowed on the beach at any time.

Swim Program

Swimming lessons will be offered in 2017. We will attempt to accomodate all sailing students who wish to participate in the swim program. Class assignments and times will be posted in the Great Room.

Swimming Lessons Application Form

Letter from the Beach Director

2017 Swimming Lesson Fees

Full Program $100.00 per child
July Only $60.00 per child
August Only $60.00 per child